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bragi eyewear

The only integrated customisable frame in Asia — the BRAGI magic mirror.

Owning a fully customised frame is no longer a myth. With BRAGI’s patented and award winning technology, you and your family can now tailor make top quality eyewear for that perfect fit and style.

Suitable for all ages

BRAGI houses many frame design to suit its customisable nature. This ensures that all BRAGI frames are suitable for children and adults alike. We believe eye health is important and it starts with our young. Drop by our retailers and see how it works for you and your family today.

Ideal for progressive lens

Sometimes, a pre-made frame may look nice, but it is not suitable for progressive lens due to the nature of the design. However, this will be a thing of the past with BRAGI’s Magic Mirror—truly integrated customisable frames.

So Magic Mirror, how do you work?

Select a frame

3D scan

Virtual try on

Parametric design

3d printing



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